DIY : All natural fruits and vegetables cleanser

Am I the only one getting crazy when it comes to buy fruits and veggies? I don’t know if you saw pictures of farm workers dressed in suits to prevent them to be in contact with what they spray on our food because it’s highly chemicals and can cause damages. If you still have not seen any, you have one down here. I found that picture on State of our World‘s Pinterest account. Monsanto is poisoning our food with glyphosate and other chemical products to make sure the fruits and vegetables all look perfect so they can sell it to us. Their shit is not only killing us, but it’s killing the bees and if something is not done it could end up with tragic results. No bees = No natural food.

bayers offers to buy Monsanto by State of our world Pinterest
credit picture State of our World – Pinterest

I would love if my budget could allow me to buy organic fruits and veggies all the time but I have to make choices and for the ones I buy regular, I assure to cleanse them well before eat them. It’s simple and fast to do with products you usually already have at home.

So if like me, you cannot always follow the advice of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to avoid the dirty dozen most contaminated by pesticides, those following advice are even more important. Here they are:

1. Wash fruits and vegetables when you are ready to consume them and not long in advance. It is necessary to wash first, to cut then not to lose a large part of water-soluble nutrients.

2. Use a brush for firm flesh products (carrot, apple, melon, etc.). Do not soak for a long time (one or two minutes at most). Wipe well after washing. Dry salads and berries with a salad spinner or paper towels.

3. Simple washing with cold water removes a large portion of pesticide residues on the skin.

Adding bicarbonate of soda (one tablespoon per liter) or white vinegar (one part vinegar and two parts water) to the water also removes any traces of wax.

Some people add small amounts of organic dish soap, but I prefer vinegar or baking soda. In any case, rinse well.


4. Exceptions :

  • Do not wash mushrooms. They are “dabbed” with a clean dish towel or paper towel. That’s all.
  • No soap, vinegar or bicarbonate is added to the berry wash and soaked for 30 seconds.


DIYYou too can prepare your own effective fruit and vegetable cleanser at home to keep in a spray bottle.

You’ll need :
1 tablespoon lemon juice,
2 tablespoons bicarbonate
1 cup (250 ml) of water.
A bottle of 250ml spray bottle

Stir all ingredients into a bowl and stir until completely dissolved in baking soda.

Pour the resulting mixture into the spray bottle using a funnel if you do not use a spouted container to make the mixture.

Keep the solution cool.

Good wash