Humans Ingest 5 grams Of Plastic Every Week? Read What The Experts Have to Say.

Earlier last month, a report on the danger that plastics present on humans and the environment, both long term and short term was released by WWF >>(Humans Ingest 5 Grams Of Plastic Weekly). Even scarier is the claim that, we all consume plastic, the equivalent of one credit card every week. That is approximately 5 grams of plastic in weight. Here at we promote healthy living which includes best environmental practices that safeguard nature. So, though WWF is further researching the long term health effects of plastic on humans, we decided to dig deeper and our findings will surprise you, well maybe not.

According to Research Gate in this article >>> (Health Risks Of Plastic Ingestion) the toxic effects of plastic on humans and animals cannot be underestimated. According to the research which was done in Bangladesh, the chemical processes that plastics undergo before a final product is derived is fused with several hazardous substances that present major health risks and environmental destruction. It’s worthy to note that plastics may decay in decades hence a high risk of water and soil pollution. So all other animals feed on plastics and we feed on them. The soil is polluted with plastic pollutants and we farm on them which eventually end up in the human body. Therefore whether you are vegan or not, you are not insulated from the effects of plastic pollution. On human health it was concluded that human health was deeply affected where there was heavy use of plastics. Respiratory problems, dizziness, cancer, birth defects, vision failure, lung, kidney and cardiovascular problems were most prevalent in areas with heavy plastic use.

Yes plastic and its derivatives are cheap and convenient. However, imagine paying massive bills for your health later in life for all the cheap plastics you have used in the past. As humans, what do we do to save the environment and save ourselves from possible ‘extinction’ from plastic use? At Doctororganic, we make it a full responsibility to recommend alternatives, some of which includes these biodegradable/compostable packages like these >>> (Biodegradable Packaging).

This week we also discovered some very interesting products and innovative environmentally friendly products that we highly recommend – (Corona Becomes First Major Beer Company to Adopt Edible 6-Pack Rings that Feed, Rather than Kill, Fish ) and then this also (Edible film made from essential oils can protect foods better than plastic)

It is absolutely clear that some of the big companies are gradually coming to the realization that, plastics and some of its derivative pose great health risks and have taken the initiative to replace them biodegradables. Countries like Canada and New Zealand have already banned single use plastics and others are bound to follow in the same direction soon.

Again, we at would like to appeal to everyone in our own small way, to be environmentally conscious and save the planet by using >>(biodegradable products).If you found this article useful, feel free to like, comment and share and spread the word.

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