Matcha : what is it and why you should seriously consider to integrate it in your life.

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Do you know matcha tea? This ultra-fine powder of bright green is, it seems, is the secret to the legendry long life and health of the  Japanese. I did some researches on my own because I was looking for natural ways to ease my chronic pain other than using chemical pills. I found that matcha is more than green tea, it’s a superfood full of nutrients. Its benefits in terms of health and well-being are numerous. Let me reveal the secrets of this symbolic drink of purity and harmony.

”It has long been considered by samurai as a medicine.”

Matcha, what is it?

Matcha is a fine green tea powder and traditionally used for tea ceremony. It comes from the best quality camellia. Particular care is taken in the cultivation of this tea. A few weeks before harvest, the tea bushes are covered to protect them from direct sunlight. This slows down the growth of the plant, makes its leaves darker and enhances the production of amino acids that soften the taste of tea and raise its rate in catechins. These young tea leaves (called “tencha”) are then dried and ground into a very fine powder, a light green: the matcha.

”You would have to drink 10 cups of another tea to get the amount supplied by 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of matcha.”

What are the benefits of matcha tea on our health?

As I told you in the intro, matcha is more than a tea, it’s a superfood. It has long been considered by the samurai as a medicine. Unlike coffee, matcha releases caffeine slowly; that’s why it gives us energy for the whole day. In addition to theine, all teas contain many other beneficial substances: essential oils, tannins, enzymes and phenolic compounds. But matcha tea is endowed with a particular nutritional quality by its richness in catechin, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer and fights against cholesterol.

The Japanese also love it for its action against aging skin and especially against the appearance of wrinkles. By its antioxidant activity, free radicals are eliminated: the cells are thus rid of what contributes the most to aging and dysfunction. You would have to drink 10 cups of another tea to get the amount supplied by 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of matcha.

Matcha also helps you to live longer and healthier because it fights against oxidation, limiting damage to cell membranes and DNA.

Finally, it prevents all inflammatory and degenerative diseases (including Alzheimer’s).

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Some precautions to take

Although the health benefits of matcha tea are obvious, it is best not to consume every day, to avoid an overdose of vitamins A, C and E. We advise that, you  start with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. in order not to rush your body and to gradually move to 1 c. after a week.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, matcha does not help in weight loss but the energy gain and other benefits you have by drinking it may encourage you to be more active and so you could lose weight. However, it also perfumes certain dishes and pastries in a unique way, which makes it possible to use less sugar and again lose some weight.

Which quality to choose.

When it comes to choosing a grade, the decision depends on how you plan to use it.

If you are a tea amateur and connoisseur and you want to use matcha as a tea to drink, we recommend a high-quality ceremonial grade matcha powder. Ceremonial grade is made from the leaves at the top of the plant, which are the youngest and contain more chlorophyll. This gives it a bright green color and sweeter smoother flavor.

If your plan with matcha is to cook with it, add it to your smoothies or protein shakes to give them an extra boost or to create skin care products, culinary grade matcha is the best matcha for you. This is the grade you will find in our shop here. Culinary grade is made from more mature green tea leaves and has a stronger (slightly more bitter) flavor that works well in combination with other flavors.

There is also vitamin-infused matcha available on the market as well as matcha capsules if you don’t like the taste of green tea but you want the health benefits.


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How to prepare a matcha tea?

1. Pour a few grams of matcha powder into a bowl.

2. Fill the bowl with boiling water.

3. Beat with a special matcha tea whip (also called “chasen”) until the mixture becomes a sparkling green jade tea.


Wanna try it?

You are now convinced matha is for you and want to try it? Buy it here. Our matcha is a pure organic certified Matcha green chinese tea from Fuji in China. It’s the perfect grade be used as an extra kitchen supply with multifunctional purposes for making green tea ice cream, green tea cakes, other desserts and more.


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