Problem Solved! Get Rid of Bad Body Odor with this ‘Magic’ Plant

Soursop Leaves

It is common knowledge that sour sop (Graviola or Brazillian Pawpaw) has many anti-oxidant properties that can. It can ease pain, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, possibly prevent cancer, help treat herpes and cure ulcers. However, there’s another side of it that’s rarely, if ever, told. Now this is just not a wild claim. It’s based on actual trial, tests and experience. The leaves of this tree when brewed as tea have the capacity to eradicate any bad body odor and restore natural body scents.

Warning! Infact, it’s so effective that, you may be tempted not to brush your teeth in the morning or wear deodorant again. How do you brew the tea?

Do This Every Morning for Two Weeks

Boil 4 Graviola leaves in two cups of water. Boil until one cup evaporates. Allow it to cool down and become warm before you drink. Repeat this process for 2 weeks, break for 1 week and restart again. You can do this yearlong but make sure you allow breaks in-between. You will be shocked at the results and will come back here to testify, trust me.

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Credit: Opera News

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