5 Reasons Why The Watermelon Is An Awesome Fruit


I love nature but I guess we all do. At home, I have many fruit plants. One of my favourites is the watermelon. I planted this a while back in my backyard garden. It’s a seasonal plant that bears fruits for a while until the plant wears out. I have been consuming the fruit at the least opportunity especially before and after some gym workout. I recently discovered its immense benefits and I want to share it with you in a simple form without all the technical jargon.

Rich in Vitamins A and C

Watermelons are supposedly rich in Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is very good for your eyesight and Vitamin C as you may be aware, strengthens the immune system so that we are protected from diseases and infections.

Good For Muscle Recovery

A recent study by  the Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry suggests that the watermelon contain nutrients that relax blood vessels and aid blood circulation after a rigid workout. It concluded that by so doing, soreness in the muscles is reduced so you will be ready for another workout the next day without all the body aches. As a regular consumer, I have personally experienced this.

Cancer Prevention

Research also suggests that, the red portion of the watermelon contain anti-oxidants similar to what is found in the red of the tomatoes that help in the prevention of all forms of cancers especially prostate cancer. It also contains nutrients that are very good for the kidney and prevention of high blood pressure.

Hydrates The Body Quickly

The watermelon contains 90% water and therefore acts as a good hydra-tor for the body after a hard workout. During a hard workout on an especially hot and humid day, you lose a lot of water through sweat. Eating about three big slices of watermelon can quickly replenish lost nutrients and help you gain back energy quickly.  This one is another personal experience.

Natural Aphrodisiac

I know a lot of men would be excited by this one. Research by Texas A & M also suggests that the watermelon when consumed in large quantities helps boost male virility by preventing erectile dysfunction. Simply put, it’s like a natural Viagra. Here, many herbalists claim it is even better when consumed together with the seeds. You might want to save some seeds for planting though!

How To Plant The Watermelon

Planting the watermelon is pretty simple. Note that, it is a creeping plant and therefore must be planted alone in a large space because you may not want it to creep over other plants and destroy them in the process. Dig about a three inch deep hole and drop in two or three melon seeds. Allow about 30 inch space and plant another. Mark the spots and regularly water it morning and evening until it germinates. Note that the Watermelon grows well in a tropical weather so if you live in a temperate zone, summer should be the preferred season for planting the melon. Enjoy your melons and stay healthy always. Feel free to share this article if you found it useful. Also if you have any additions to the health benefits of the watermelon, feel free to comment.

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