Why Tanning In 8 Days Naturally Without The Sun Is Possible


We all love summer and some sun on our body, don’t we? We enjoy the ‘envious’ compliments and eying we get from family and friends for a great tan after long hours basking in the sun. Of course we have that right but benefits of sunlight on the human body are enormous beyond just tanning, one very important of such being the provision of vitamin D. But then also, the emission of ultra-violet rays (UV rays) from the sun can have long lasting damaging effects on the skin and general human health. However, there’s some great news in the offing for you tanning freaks out there.  You are going to love this if you love the tan but hate sun. So here is the revelation.

In a new research by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and published in the June 13th   2017 issue of Cell Reports it was found that, there is an effective way of altering skin pigmentation without the damaging effects of the sun. A small class of new molecules has been found to produce the same effect on the skin and body in the tanning process similar to what the sun does. This would be great news and a major medical breakthrough for cancer prevention and many more. Tests have proven that, this method has the ability to tan the skin in just 8 days. Are you curious about the full details?? Click here to read the full article>>> Tanning Naturally Without The Sun