2018 NEW SPE PEM Membrane Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle 350ml Super ORP Seperate H2 and O2

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2018 NEW SPE PEM Membrane Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle 350ml Super ORP Seperate H2 and O2

  • improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body
  • improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus
  • better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation
  • help to lower saturated fat levels
  • reduce aging to give healthy looking skin
  • improve memory in aged individuals – reduce constipation problems
  • aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • detoxifies your body- improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Create only pure H2 in the water, release O2 through drain hole at the bottom
  • Generate high concentration with 500ppb to 1400ppb in the water ,
  • One device , versatile use, device can be used with PET bottles with bottleneck diameter about 26mm , easy and convenient for outdoors use
  • Most of waters including distilled or purified water are suitable for electrolysis

Name Hydrogen rich water maker
Function Create hydrogen rich water for healthy drinking
Advantage Quickly get high concentration hydrogen
Material of cup lid and bottom Food-grade ABS
Electrode Material Titanium with Platinum Coating
Maximum output ≤10W
Maximum volume 300-400 ML
Water temperature 0-70 degree C
Size 21×7.5CM
Net weight 300g-400g
Hydrogen concentration 500-1400 ppb
ORP (Potential ) -150mv ~ -450mv
OEM Available
Accessories Main cup, USB cable , User Manual
Battery Capacity 1300mAh

Different types of water will have different data of ORP and Hydrogen Concentration , please note

Working device can be compatible with PET bottles with bottleneck diameter about 26mm (only)

it can not be compatible with all PET bottles, please pay attention before purchase.

1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer

1 * USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual
1 * Box

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 12 in

Direct Drink

Purifying Position

Terminal Purification


Table Type

Water Quality Requirements

High Quality Drinking Water

Interface Diameter




Brand Name


Water Yield(Liter/Minute)




Power (W)


5 Stage Filtration


Model Number




Water treatment machine Type

Hydrogen Water


Hydrogen Water

Item Name

SPE Hydrogen Water Ionizer Generator

Item Volume


Body Material

Tritan (Plastic)

Material of cup lid

Food-grade ABS

Electrode Material

Titanium with Platinum Coating

Working Water Temperature


Battery Type

Li-Polymer Battery

Battery Capacity


Electrolysis time

3 minutes/ 5 minutes two modes


-150mv to -450mv subject to different water

5 reviews for 2018 NEW SPE PEM Membrane Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle 350ml Super ORP Seperate H2 and O2

  1. D***v

    All as described, thanks!

  2. S***o

    The product is very stylish. But the most important thing is very useful, because. All measured indicators correspond to the characteristics. The generator works on both conventional water and distilled water (see the last photo where according to the sensor 0 ppm pollution, the rest of the photo water from the crane 230-240 ppm). And this confirms the quality of spe pem, membranes. The device can work in two modes, 3 min. With single press, 5 min. With a double click on the button (and as a confirmation of the task there is a triple sound effect). When working, the backlight is blue, when discharging during operation, the blue backlight changes to red, when charging starts, the diodes are highlighted in green. I pay attention, the neck of the peck bottle is not suitable for the rf standard, who needs to use the bottle, you need to find a bottle with a different standard. I recommend the product and the store. Metering results in additional reviews.

  3. Customer

    Delivery on time. The package is somewhat wrinkled, but the device is not damaged. At the first turn on, orp-200. Seller a recommend.

  4. Customer

    Packing is good. looks very nice in the work. no complaints. delivery is very long.

  5. Customer

    No measuring device. But everything seems to work properly. The device came charged, for a day already used eight times on a five-minute cycle, charging is still valid, never charged. The case is plastic, i’m in a plus, because i’m not home enough and i would not like the glass to crash on the road. Pleased with the instruction in the Russian language! Of the minuses, a strong smell of plastic from the body but the water remains odorless, for the day of use, the smell is slightly eroded.

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